Although Christian Life Academy is not required to perform standardized testing, nor do we adjust our curriculum to conform to any specific test, we believe that standardized testing is a good way to find out how we and our students compare with the rest of the country. It gives us a chance to understand our strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement. During standardized testing over the last three years, CLA students have consistantly scored above grade average in all areas:

  • GRADE (Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) grades K-4, administered annually since 2009
  • GMADE (Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) grades 1-4, administered annually since 2011
  • Stanford Core Battery Achievement Tests grades 5-8, administered since 2011

Special thanks to Sylvan Learning for their continued partnership

For more information on the test results, or for general questions about CLA, e-mail or call our office at  (309) 449-3346.  For more information on Sylvan Learning, click here.