Required School Supplies Lists K-10th for 2018-2019

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backpack or bookbag

12 wooden pencils--we suggest Ticonderoga

1 rubber eraser

2 dry erase markers--we suggest Expo

1 box broad line markers--we suggest Crayola Classic 10 count

1 24 count box crayons--we suggest Crayola

1 box 8 count jumbo crayons--basic colors--we suggest Crayola

2 pocket folders

4 glue sticks--we suggest Elmer's

1 plastic pencil/supplies box

1 large package of wet wipes

1 box kleenex

Headphones or Earbuds


1st/2nd Grade

backpack or bookbag

1 rubber eraser

1 box broad line markers--we suggest Crayola Classic 10 count

1 24 count box crayons--we suggest Crayola

1 1.5-inch 3 ring binder

2 pocket folders

2 spiral notebooks- one subject, wide ruled

1 plastic pencil/supplies box

2 glue sticks

1 large package of wet wipes

1 box kleenex

1  1-inch 3 ring binder

Earbuds or headphones


3rd/4th Grades

backpack/book bag

Bible (NIV) to leave at school

pencil box

2 dry erase markers - we suggest Expo

1 box colored pencils

1 highlighter

extra erasers

12  wooden pencils - Ticonderoga is good; no plastic covered

3 pocket folders - plain, not shiny

½ inch wide 3-ring binder

2 packages wide-ruled loose leaf paper

1 package of clorox or wet wipes

1 box kleenex

Earbuds or headphones to last the year


5th-8th Grades (all personal items should be labeled)

backpack/book bag (should fit in locker)

Bible (NIV) to leave at school

pencil pouch - will be carried from classroom to classroom

Ear Buds (any brand) **some ⅚ students left theirs at school and can be used again

Ruler with cm/inch markings

3  2-pocket folders (plain colors - at least 1 folder with 3-hole punch)

2  1-inch 3-ring binder (for English and Spanish classes)

1  1-inch 3 ring binder for PreAlgebra & Algebra

4  1-subject notebooks with inside pockets, minimum of 100 pages each

(5th/6th wide ruled, 7th/8th college ruled)

**Please DO NOT buy multi-subject notebooks

4 colored pens for grading (red/purple/green etc - not black/blue)

1 box colored pencils

2 glue sticks and 1 bottle white glue (Elmer’s)

24 wooden pencils - we suggest Ticonderoga and no plastic covered

2 erasers - white Pentel are the best

2 highlighters of different colors

(optional) mechanical pencils with extra lead (recommend disposable/inexpensive type)

(Pre-Algebra & Algebra & Geometry Students - 1 1in binder, graph paper & Scientific Calculator)

NOTE: items below will be collected and use as “community supplies” for the school year

4 Expo dry erase markers

2 packages loose-leaf paper

1 box kleenex

1 container Clorox wipes


High School (please label all personal items)

Book bag                                                                                 Community Property:

pencils/pens                                                                             2 Expo Markers

Erasers (white Pentel erasers recommended)                  1 box Kleenex

Pencil pouch/box                                                                    1 large container of Clorox wipes



USB drive to save documents/info (minimum 16gb recommended)

Wireless mouse (if preferred)

4 single subject notebooks

5 two pocket folders


Colored pencils

A binder with a minimum of 6 dividers OR 6 three prong two pocket folders (Literature)

Algebra and Geometry students:

Scientific calculator (TI 30 or Casio FX-300ES plus suggested, each under $20)


Binder or three prong folder

Loose leaf paper

Graphing paper