At Christian Life Academy, we offer a variety of non-classroom activities to promote a well-rounded educational experience. The goals of co-curricular activities are to give students opportunities at a young age, to promote leadership and growth, and to allow all students to experience playing on a team or working as a committee. 

All students who wish to participate in athletics are a part of the team - we do not do selective "cuts" in athletics.  All members of teams play in all games.  One major advantage of a small school setting is that students are able to participate in a multitude of co-curricular!

Athletics include:

·  Track
·  Cross country
·  Boys basketball
·  Boys baseball
·  Girls basketball
·  Girls volleyball

Additional activities include:

·  Cheerleading
·  Band
·  Yearbook
·  Student council

Part-time students are welcome to participate in age-appropriate co-curricular!