Board of Directors and CLA's Community Focus Group 

Our Board of Directors represents our school community,
churches, and the surrounding community. 

Board Officers:

Ben Griggs, President - Mackinaw

Anne Lawson, Secretary - Mackinaw

Brad Ragland, Treasurer - Hopedale

Board Members:

Tom Hieser - Hopedale

Wayne Litwiller - Hopedale

Dr. Al Maurer - Morton

Joel Nafziger - Hopedale

Aaron Birkey - Hopedale

Dr. Larry Rossi - Hopedale

Board Minutes: 







Facebook Discussion Group

Discussion board for Board/Focus group topics. This is a private group. Facebook account required.

CLA Community Focus Group:

Bill Embry                          Bruce Otto                          Etta Reed 

Sue Litwiller                      Jess Slager                          John Birky 

Bill Mell                              Marilyn Greaves