Upcoming Events                            

Today, October 1          Cross Country Meet at  Bluegrass Creek Golf Course
Monday, October 5      Cross Country Meet at Tremont
Thursday, October 8    Half Day – noon dismissal (Teacher In-Service)
Friday, October 9         No School – Columbus Day Weekend
Monday, October 12     No  School – Columbus Day
Thursday, October 15   Grandparents' Day!!!
Don't forget....  Friday-Saturday, October 16-17  is  LIFE DAYS 2015!             


Our attendance at morning daycare (7:30-8:20 daily) has been creeping toward our “max” of 20 students.  This is a free program, mainly intended for families who have work schedules or appointments that do not allow them to drop off in the 8:20-8:30 time frame. We are unable to have more than 20 students in this program at one time, so please be mindful of using this program as intended.  By all means, if daycare is needed due to family schedules, that is what it is for.  But students coming just to play – when they could arrive at the regular drop-off time – in the end takes away the opportunity for some families who are in need of this service.  Thanks!


You may have heard of the multiple cases of Mumps in the McLean County area, and of course we are moving into cold and flu season.  This is just a reminder to promote regular handwashing, covering coughs by coughing into a sleeve (not hands!), and to be mindful of your child's health.  We are glad that no cases of the mumps have been local to us, and we hope and pray that it stays this way, as well as a mostly healthy fall and winter!  It is important that if your child is ill, that you keep him or her home from school so as to prevent the spread of illness.  

Grandparents Day for K-8 students is coming Soon!

Attached with today's Lion Tales is a form about Grandparents Day on Thursday, October 15.  As in the past, Grandparents are invited for lunch, a brief program, and visiting in classrooms.  Please reserve a spot for grandparents with the attached form.  Grandparents of K-8 students are welcome 11:45-1:45.


In addition to the need-based scholarships that were awarded this summer, an additional HALF TUITION scholarship is offered that any family can apply for - for THIS (2015-16) SCHOOL YEAR.  This is a need-based scholarship which is selected “blind” by a committee that does not consist of CLA parents or staff.  All information is confidential and the committee does not have the names of applicants.  Applications are NOW AVAILABLE at the school office and are DUE BY OCTOBER 19.  CLA is so thankful for a generous donor who has supplied this scholarship.

From the Principal's Desk

Reading recently in the book of Jeremiah, I am reminded and convinced of two very important truths:  
1) As humans, we continually go off track and have wrong motivations for our actions.  And, 2) God is a loving God who calls and draws us back to HIM!  Here's to hoping that we continue to heed His call!
                                                              In Christ,
                                                              Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs