Upcoming Dates…

Thursday, Nov 19        BAKED GOODS ORDERS DUE TODAY!!!
Friday, Nov 20            Basketball practice
Tuesday, Nov 24        Cheer practice
PTF’s Baking Day -    Pickup pre-ordered items at Boynton Church
Wed-Fri, Nov 25-27   No School - Thanksgiving Break
Tuesday, Dec 1            Basketball game at St Mary’s Bloomington (6 pm, 7 pm)
Thursday, Dec 3         Basketball game at Cornerstone Bloomington (5:45)

Christmas Program... 

Dinner is nearly sold out BUT TABLE DECORATORS are NEEDED!
The Christmas program is 4 weeks away and we are almost SOLD OUT of dinner tickets! We have a limited number of seats remaining, so if you are planning on purchasing tickets (or especially a whole table)  please return your forms soon!

We are also in need of TWO  PEOPLE to decorate an extra table for our program. You would provide a table cloth, table decorations, cups, silverware, and napkins for 8. If you are willing to host a table, please contact Mrs. Stribling as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your support!   - Mrs. Stribling

Morning and Afternoon Daycare Reminders...

There are certain days when daycare is near capacity, both in the morning and the afternoon. This is a reminder that for afternoon daycare, please let the school know as early as possible, and at least by noon, if your child (who is not normally at daycare) needs to utilize after school care. Also, please do not use daycare (morning or afternoon) simply as a “play date” for your child to join friends at daycare. The intention of the daycare is for those families who need it due to work schedules. If everyone remembers these guidelines, it will help our program to work well. Thank you!

December 5th -  Minier Christmas Parade...

Lauren Gibson, parent of Danielle, Lily and Ally, is organizing a group from CLA to participate in the Minier Christmas Parade, which is Saturday, December 5 at 2:00 pm. Anyone interested in helping and/or participating may contact Lauren at 309-826-1848.  More details to come.


Friday, Nov. 20!  See flier from Student Council!

From the Principal's Desk...

How thankful are you?  For the past several weeks our Monday chapels have been focused on thankfulness. We say “thank you, Jesus” for 1) teaching us; 2) the cross; 3) life; 4) living in us and  being called children of God. I hope that as we celebrate the holidays together, we continue to focus our thankfulness on our Lord and Savior… and are continually grateful.
            In Christ,        
           Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs