Upcoming Dates….
Today, Sept 10               Baseball game at HOME vs St. Joseph’s, 5 pm
Friday, Sept 11               Cross Country practice 7-8:15 am
Monday, Sept 14           Cross Country practice 7-8:15 am
Wednesday, Sept 16    Cross Country practice 7-8:15 am
                             3 pm:  Parent Meeting for LIFE DAYS volunteer opportunities!!!
Thursday, Sept 17         Cross Country Meet at Tremont, 4:30 pm
Friday, Sept 25              No School
Friday, Oct 2                  School Picture Day (more information coming soon)

Mark your calendars now…. 
Life Days 2015 will be held Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17.  We ask ALL CLA families to participate in our Largest Fundraising Event each year!!!

REMINDER… Drop off PROCEDURES in the MORNING - Front Door supervision begins at 8:20 am
Parents and others who are dropping students off for school in the morning should keep in mind the following:  THERE IS NO SUPERVISION OUTSIDE THE BUILDING PRIOR TO 8:20 am when the front doors are opened.  We do not have a problem with students arriving earlier than 8:20 but we do not have adults available to watch them outside the building, so if your children are dropped off, for example, at 8:10 am, and do not come to the daycare, they are on their own.  Recently we had a group of children at 8:10 am who were jumping and doing tricks on the concrete planter in front of the building…. which could lead to a serious injury…. and thankfully I heard them outside the office and could address this.  But again, if you drop off early and do not have them check in to daycare, we do not have supervision.  Thank you for addressing this if needed!             - Mr. Horning

Each year our K-8 students have the privilege of earning points through Accelerated Reader (AR).  These points can then be redeemed several times each year at the “AR STORE.”  Thanks to Mrs. Barb Lawson and parent Lisa Ragland for organizing this store.  They would like parents to know that DONATIONS for items students can purchase at the AR Store are very welcome.  If you would like to help and need some ideas for items to donate, you can contact Mrs. Lawson via email at blawson@clacademy.org or call the school office 309-449-3346 and speak with her. Thanks in advance for helping our students to earn prizes as they improve their reading fluency and comprehension!

Box Tops and Soup Labels
Did you know that CLA collects Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Soup Labels to help support projects at the school? If you have collected them over the summer or have some still attached to cans or boxes, just clip and send!

From the Principal's Desk
We are so glad to have our youngest students attending school this week… WELCOME, PRESCHOOL STUDENTS!  Our student body for this school year is now complete, and this is the highest enrollment that we have had in PreK-8th grade in the eight years of our school!  We currently have 88 students enrolled, and with our after-school care program, that number goes well over 100!  May we continue to follow the Lord’s leading each day as we minister to this group!

In Christ,        
Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs