Upcoming . . .

Friday, Oct 28                Basketball Practice

Monday, Oct 31             Basketball Practice

Tuesday, Nov 1             Cheer Practice

Wednesday, Nov. 2    AR Store

                                            Basketball Practice

Thursday, Nov 3         Cheer Practice

Friday, Nov. 4             Basketball Practice

Monday, Nov 7           Basketball Practice

Tuesday, Nov. 8         First basketball game (away at St Joseph’s, Pekin)

Every Friday               7:30 am Prayer Time

Box Tops Contest Completed - Pizza and Popcorn rewards!

WOW! 4684 Box Tops were collected, which is a wonderful result to our October Box Tops contest.  Great Job Students!  All students earned the Pizza and Popcorn party reward, which will be held on November 11 during the lunch hour.  Congratulations to the Blue team - grades 3, 4, 5 and 6, who will receive a special reward for being the first team to 1000 and bringing in the most Box Tops overall.  Hold on to your Box Tops… another contest coming later in the year!!

AR Store to be held on November 2 . . . 

Students have been reading and reading to earn points for the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.  The reward will be next week, as students will have the opportunity to use their points to purchase items in the AR Store, to be held on Wednesday, November 2.  Thanks to Mrs. Barb Lawson and parent Lisa Ragland for organizing the store.  Donations of items for the store are always welcome, and can be sent to school clearly marked “AR store donation.”

Life Days 2016 is a great Success!

Although all the final numbers and expenses are not tabulated, it is evident that last weekend’s Life Days 2016 was a great success.  The final tally appears to be above $35,000 of operational income for the school - a wonderful number that allows us to continue with the work we are doing, and improve upon it!  Many THANK YOU’s are due to the dozens and dozens of people who volunteered, visited, bid and enjoyed all the events at Life Days.  Hope you enjoyed it!

From the Principal's Desk . . .

As I have sat in on several parent-teacher conferences this week - as either a parent, a teacher, or a principal, I have observed a key ingredient...every adult associated with CLA has a common goal in mind - the BEST for each child!  We are concerned about their mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth, working together as families, churches, and school.  How great it will be to see our students in the future as leaders for the Lord!  Let’s keep that goal in mind each and every day.

In Christ,       

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs