This edition of Lion Tales is again full of LOTS of information… read carefully!

Upcoming Dates . . .

Monday, May 16              All-school walking field trip - planting flowers in Hopedale 1-3 pm
Tuesday, May 17              Volunteer Appreciation Tea - 3 pm
Wednesday, May 18       2:45 pm D.A.R.E. Graduation
Thursday, May 19           8th grade Graduation 6 pm - K-8 students encouraged to come!
                                               All-school Picnic follows graduation - approximately 6:45
Friday, May 20               Last Day of School
                                              10:45 AWARDS Ceremony
                                              Afternoon - Field Day
Saturday, May 21          Board of Directors’ Meeting 7:30 am
Tuesday, May 24           CLA Annual Meeting  
Friday, June 3                 Annual Golf Outing - BlueGrass Creek Golf Course-Minier
Each Tuesday morn.     7:30 am Prayer in Miss Hopkins’ classroom.  Feel free to join!

Scholarship for 2016-17 . . .

Again for this coming year, one full tuition scholarship will be given through CLA for 2016-2017. This is a need-based, confidential scholarship, and information about this scholarship was attached with last week’s Lion Tales.  Deadline for applications is the last day of school, so you are encouraged to look into this opportunity for your family or a new family for our school. 


We are thankful for those who volunteer of their time to help CLA in so many ways.  You are invited to a Volunteer Tea on Tuesday, May 17 at 3 pm.  Mrs. Barb Lawson and Mr. Josh Horning will be your hosts, to say “thank you” for your time and energy.  We encourage you to RSVP by calling the school office to let us know you can come… or stop by the office and sign the RSVP paper on the main desk.

Golf Outing Volunteers are Needed! . . .

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  On June 3, we will have our annual golf outing in Minier.  We could use MANY Volunteers to help the day run smoothly.  If you are able to help, please contact Mr. Horning.  We can use help with food, registration, children’s activities, and much more.  Golfers are invited to come as well, of course!

GRADUATION and PICNIC for the whole school, May 19th . . . 

Our 8th grade graduation class will be celebrated with a 6 pm Ceremony, and following the ceremony there will be a picnic for the entire school family.  Here are a few details:

  • 6 pm Graduation Ceremony - there is a way for ALL students to participate, and we encourage the entire school body to attend.  Those K-7 students who attend will participate by singing a song and reciting scripture.  8th graders will each give a speech prior to receiving diplomas.  This is a great time to celebrate together.
  • Picnic (approx 6:45 following graduation) - This will be a simple carry-in picnic.  We will have a grill to make hot dogs/burgers (provided by the school), and everyone is encourage to bring a simple “go along.”  
    •  Families with last name A-H, bring drinks
    • Families with last name I-Z, bring a side dish or dessert
    • Everyone, bring a lawn chair, and feel free to bring any outdoor games.
    • In case of rain, we will simply have graduation followed by a meal - same carry-in items, but we will just eat in the gym.

Summer Fun - get together with CLA Friends during the summer…

We would like to invite all Kids and Moms to come play at the park next to the school.
We will meet there every Thursday at 10:00 starting the first week after school and
meet every Thursday until the end of summer. Bring a sack lunch and drink if you would like and any outdoor toys /games to play. This will be a great way for All the kids to get together with their friends and Moms to visit! Hope to see you there!

From the Principal's Desk . . .

As we have been working on plans for graduation, I have reflected on seeing our students mature through the years.  Thinking of some of these graduates as younger elementary students reminds me of the (much needed) growth that happens in the years of elementary and middle school.  May the Lord continue to teach us to be more like Him each day!

In Christ,        
Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs