Welcome to the NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!!

A warm “welcome” to everyone who is a part of the Christian Life Academy community. Our school board and staff wishes you all a great year! For some, it is a “welcome back,” for some it is a brand new “welcome.” We are so glad to have each one here. This newsletter is published weekly and can also be seen online (usually within a few days after being sent home) at the www.clacademy.org.

- Mr. Horning


 Today, August 17         Cross Country Practice 3:35-5 pm

                                            Baseball Practice 3:35 - 5 pm

Saturday, August 19   Board of Directors’ Meeting, 7:30 am

Monday, August 21      5th-HS Field Trip to Atlanta/Lincoln for viewing eclipse

                                            K-4th viewing eclipse at school

                                            Baseball game at Morton Union, 4:15 pm.  Bus 3:15 pm

Tuesday, August 22    Cross Country Practice, 3:35-5 pm

Wednesday, Aug 23    Baseball Practice 3:35-5 pm

Thursday, August 24  Baseball Game at South Pekin, 4:15 pm.  Bus 3:15 pm

                                           Cross Country Practice, 3:35-5 pm

Mark your calendars now for LIFE DAYS . . .

Life Days 2017 will be held Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14.  We ask ALL CLA families to participate in our Largest Event each year!!!

Reminders . . .

  • PE SHOES: Please make sure students have TENNIS SHOES for Physical Education! PE schedules vary by grade level.  Students may choose to leave a pair at school (in locker/cubby).
  • Drop-off and Pick-up:
    Please be sure to enter on the SOUTH drive (closest to the medical complex doctor offices) when you come for drop-off and pick-up each day. This is a reversal from previous years, in order to give more off-street space for cars to arrive and depart safely.

At Pick-up time, please make sure you have your yellow “authorized” car sign visible for staff to identify your car so that your children can be safely picked up!

Lunch Money, Office Mail, and more details . . . 

  • Any items that eventually are handled by the school office (lunch money, tuition payments, notes, etc.) should be sent with your children in their backpack/folder in the morning. This is the most efficient way to get items to the school office, as each class sends items to the office every day.
  • Please be sure envelopes are CLEARLY labeled so that they will get to the correct location.
  • If you would prefer to deliver it yourself, please place items, clearly marked, in the tray on the corner of the secretary's desk. 
  • Lunch menus were sent home in July, and available at registration, and on our website, but if you need August and September menus, please contact the office and we can send them home.                                                                                            

Student/Parent Handbooks . . .

If you did not get one at back-to-school night or on the first day of school, please check with the school office.  Please read the handbook, sign and return the last page

Volunteers needed - for regular weekly shifts . . .

We appreciate parents helping in many ways. Here are several specifics for this fall:

  1. Office Volunteers have a regular half-day or full-day shift and are responsible for answering phones and doing miscellaneous tasks to assist Mr. Horning, Mrs. Horning, and the other staff. A few regular shifts as well as fill-in/substitutes are needed.
  2. Lunchroom Volunteers help prepare and serve lunch as well as clean-up after lunch. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are days when help is needed. We have at least one volunteer scheduled for these days, but a second helper is always helpful! We would welcome a Tues/Thurs helper, too, if that fits your schedule.
  3. Recess Monitors for various recess times are helpful to assist staff who operate these recesses.

If you are able to commit to a regular volunteer opportunity, please contact the office!!!

Before and After School Care . . . Reminders!

  • We are glad to offer before school care to our families who are in need of this service. Day care opens at 7:30 am. It appears that we may have a large number of students needing this, so please remember this is specifically for those needing the service due to parent work responsibilities. We know it is fun to come and play before school starts, but we are only able to accommodate 20 or less students. If you are able to use the regular 8:15-8:30 drop off time, please do so!
  • After school care is an opportunity we offer for our enrolled families, but we must also be careful on the numbers of students that are in daycare.  Please read the following information carefully!  If you have questions, please talk with Mr. Horning.
  • From 3:30 to 4:00 after school care is at no charge, but students MUST be enrolled ahead of time. This means that we must have a prior schedule for each day that the student will be coming to daycare. We are NOT having a simple “drop in” list, so please be sure that if your child needs to stay in aftercare, that the school is informed ahead of time!
  • Any student who needs to utilize daycare without being on the enrollment list for that particular day, there will be a $3 charge. A phone call or note to enroll the student for that day MUST be done BY NOON to avoid this charge.
  • Students who remain at daycare after 4:00 will have the following fee schedule:
    • Pickup prior to 4:30, $2 per child.     
    • Pickup after 4:30, $7 per child.      
    • Daycare closes at 5:30.

From the Principal's Desk . . .

Welcome!  To start the school year, we will be focusing on Romans chapter 12, which has many wonderful nuggets for us to learn from.  In verses 1-2, which we used in chapel this morning, we learn that we need to listen to the correct voice (God’s) so that we don’t conform to the culture around us, but are transformed by the Lord.  We sang about Jesus being our HERO, and also about how we LOVE God’s Word.  I am hopeful that together this year we will impact each of our students for the Kingdom.  May this be a wonderful year!

In Christ,       

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs