Upcoming Events . . .

 Today, August 24          Cross Country Practice 3:35-5 pm

                                           Baseball game at South Pekin, 4:15 pm.  Bus 3:15

Saturday, August 26      Cross country running at Peoria Zoo Run

Monday, August 28       Baseball game at Carroll Catholic, 4:30 pm.  Bus 3:25 pm

Tuesday, August 29       Cross Country Practice, 3:35-5 pm

Wednesday, Aug 30      Baseball HOME game vs Corpus Christi, 4:15 pm

Thursday, August 31    Baseball Practice 3:35-5 pm

                                          Cross Country Practice, 3:35-5 pm

Monday, Sept. 4            No School (Labor Day)

Friday, Sept 15               School Picture Day

Mark your calendars now . . . 

Life Days 2017 will be held Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14.  We ask ALL CLA families to participate in our Largest Event each year!!!

PE Reminder . . .  

Please make sure students have TENNIS SHOES for Physical Education! PE schedules vary by grade level.  Students may choose to leave a pair at school (in locker/cubby).

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminder . . . 

  • Please be sure to enter on the SOUTH drive (closest to the medical complex doctor offices) when you come for drop-off and pick-up each day. This is a reversal from previous years, in order to give more off-street space for cars to arrive and depart safely.  AT BOTH DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES, PLEASE PULL FORWARD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.  This allows more cars to load/unload at the same time.  Thanks!
  • At Pick-up time, please make sure you have your yellow “authorized” car sign visible for staff to identify your car so that your children can be safely picked up!

From the Principal's Desk . . .

It has been great fun getting to know all of our students as the school year has begun.  Each one is unique, and with many God-given talents and abilities.  It is a pleasure for us to work with them throughout the year.  We do encourage you all to keep the school, students, staff and families in prayer throughout the school year.  Our staff gathers each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for prayer at 7:55.  If any families are interested in praying together on a certain morning or afternoon, we’d be glad to help arrange such a time (and I’ll join in!)

In Christ,       

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs