Upcoming . . .

Fri-Mon, Oct 5-8        No School, Columbus Day Weekend

Saturday, Oct 6          Cross Country 5K Race - Easter Seals @ Lake Bloomington, 8 am

Tuesday, Oct 9           Basketball practice 3:35-5:30

Thursday, Oct 11       Grandparents’ Day! Invite your grandparents!

                                    Basketball practice @LIVING HOPE CHURCH GYM 3:35-5:30

Fri/Sat, Oct 12-13       LIFE DAYS 2018!!

LIFE DAYS Reminders...

Life Days 2018 will be held Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13.  We ask ALL CLA families to participate in our Largest Event each year!!!

    Please do your part to help LIFE DAYS 2018 be greatly successful… there are still many volunteer spots available!!


It is very important that we consider SAFETY FIRST during the drop-off times in the morning and the pick-up times in the afternoon.  We have noticed a few things that we can improve upon so as to avoid the chance of an incident:

●       At drop-off times, remember that students should WALK ON THE SIDEWALKS when they get out of the car.  So whether they get out of the car near the front or the back of the line, it’s important that they walk directly to the sidewalk, then to the doors.

●       DRIVERS, PLEASE BE PATIENT.  Some students take longer than others to get in or out of cars.  Our dismissal takes less than 7 minutes most days… so please wait the extra minute for the cars in front of you to unload/load - do not pull around them.  Safety first!

●       PLEASE PULL FORWARD whenever possible, but PLEASE AVOID PASSING CARS IN FRONT OF YOU in both drop-off and pick-up lines.  The one exception is if a car pulls all the way forward to the end of the sidewalk to wait for a student.  The extra time waiting for the cars in front to exit can save a fender-scrape or worse yet a dangerous situation for a child.

●       REMINDER… Drivers should not get out of the cars during drop-off or pick-up time.  If you need to exit your car, please park in the gravel lot or in a marked space…. not in the drop-off or pick-up lane.


From the Principal's Desk

It is my hope that the 4-day weekend we have ahead of us will be a refresher for our staff, possibly a time of connection for our families, and also a preparation for a big week coming up.  Next week is an important week for our school.  Looking forward to seeing so many at Grandparents Day and Life Days!

In Christ,       

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs