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Today JH Track Practice

HS Bass Fishing practice

March 23-31 No School - Spring Break!

Monday, April 1 School resumes

Tuesday, April 2 JH Track Practice

HS Bass Fishing practice

Thursday, April 4 Track Meet @ Midwest Central

You can still enroll - anytime! But classes are beginning to fill...

Enrollment as soon as you are able helps the school leadership greatly as we work on staffing and program for the 2019-2020 school year.  Reserve your spot now! Last week, as early enrollment (discount) ended, we had a rush on enrollment, and we are already pushing 60-65 students, which is a good place to be for mid-March.  If you have already made your decision for 2019-2020, please complete enrollment as soon as possible!

Easter program information… Tuesday, April 16 - coming soon after Spring Break!

As we are drawing near to the Easter program, a lot of students are asking what they need to wear!  Please see the notes below:

All K-4 and 5th-8th grade students WITHOUT speaking parts:  black pants/skirt and a solid color shirt (no white or black, please.)  Please note: Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Stribling have expressly stated that students are not permitted to wear athletic leggings, sweatpants, joggers, jeans, etc.   Students will be asked to change prior to the program or will not be able to participate and have a reduced grade.  Girls who wish to wear a skirt must have a knee-length skirt or longer may wear leggings under their skirt.  If students have questions about specific clothing items, please have them bring the clothes in so Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Stribling can see them.


We are in need of the following items to borrow for props.  If you bring something to the school, please make sure it is labeled with your name on it and that you can take it home the night of the program:

-Potted trees or large potted plants -punk rock wig

-Big Joe type bean bag chairs (need 4-5) -inflatable guitar

-anything that could be morphed into a space ship console (think Star Trek!)

Please contact Mrs. Stribling if you have any of these items!

From the Principal's Desk

Who would have thought that DONKEY BASKETBALL would be something to “bring the community together??!! Yes, the PTF did a wonderful job of putting on a sellout show (over 350 people attended) on Tuesday night.  And it was a fun time for so many different community connections. The gym was packed, and the local community saw CLA volunteerism and community in action Thank You!

In Christ,

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs