Upcoming Events

Today, March 7 Track Practice 3:40-5:00

Volleyball games @ Tremont, 6 pm

Friday, March 8 No School - Staff in-service

Tuesday, March 12 Track Practice

Thursday, March 14 Track Practice

Friday, March 15 Deadline for 2019-2020 early registration discount

Tuesday, March 19 Donkey Basketball Event at CLA. Games start at 6:30.



MARCH 19...Tickets for sale NOW at the CLA office!!


Yes, it’s that time already!  We now have completed two Open House dates, and we encourage you to invite friends to check out CLA by making a personal appointment now!  Early enrollment, with just a $50 registration fee, is in place from now until March 15. At that time, registration fee jumps to $100 for returning families, and $150 for new families.  Early enrollment helps the school leadership greatly as we work on staffing and program for the 2019-2020 school year. Reserve your spot now and get in on the reduced fee!

CLA’s Easter Program- STAR QUEST

Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Stribling continue working with the K-8th grade students on CLA’s Easter program, Star Quest.  If you are interested in purchasing a cd of the musical with the songs to use for practice at home, please send $7 with your child for a cd.  If purchased individually, they are $17.98, but if purchased in packs of 10, we can purchase them for $7. If you prefer songs placed on a flash drive instead of a cd, please contact Mrs. Stribling.

From the Principal's Desk

It is my hope that you truly know the value of your children’s teachers.  We shouldn’t be surprised by this, but the amount of time and effort that is poured into each classroom, each lesson, each student at Christian Life Academy, is simply amazing.  From early in the morning until well past dark, teachers are at work. They share the passion for raising your children with you, with the Kingdom. As a parent myself, I have experienced the time, effort, care and concern, as well as the professionalism, aptitude and skills of our CLA Staff.  I encourage you to say “Thank You” to a CLA teacher or staff member today!

In Christ,

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs