Happy Easter! May the true message of salvation be remembered this weekend as we recognize new life because of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Upcoming Events

Today, April 18 11:45 Dismissal / Teacher in-service PM

Fri-Mon, April 19-22 No School - Easter Break

Tuesday, April 23 Track Meet  @Delavan 4 pm (leave CLA 3:15 pm)

Wednesday, April 24 Track Meet  @Olympia (5th/6th only)

Saturday, April 27 Visit Eli’s in Tremont 6am-9pm for “Donate-a-Day” - a percentage of your

purchase will help the CLA Technology Fund… reminder flier coming soon!

Thursday, May 16 8th grade Graduation, time TBA

Friday, May 19 Last day of School / Field Day

Friday, May 31 Annual Golf Outing & Family Day @Blue Grass Creek Golf Course, Minier

Thank You, Students and Staff!

Once again, as has been our history at CLA, the gospel message was shared through another GREAT program.  The band and choir shared their talents beautifully, and the program “Star Quest” again reminded all those present of the importance of God’s Word… with some fun guitar solos, boogie-wokking and great singing.  Thank you to Mrs. Stribling and Mrs. Gibson for the leadership, and to all the students for sharing their talents on Tuesday evening.

You can still enroll - anytime! But classes are beginning to fill...

Enrollment as soon as you are able helps the school leadership greatly as we work on staffing and program for the 2019-2020 school year.  Reserve your spot now! Prior to spring break, as early enrollment (discount) ended, we had a rush on enrollment, and we are already pushing 60-65 students, which is a good place to be for mid-March.  If you have already made your decision for 2019-2020, please complete enrollment as soon as possible! NOTE: We DO have space in all classes, but LET THE SCHOOL OFFICE KNOW of your plans if you know them!

From the Principal's Desk

As I put together the “upcoming events” at the top of this Lion Tales, I realized that we are now in the “less than a month remains” portion of the 2018-2019 school year.  For me, that means reflecting on the year, considering the growth, challenges, and change in our students, and having the reminder that our time - whether as a teacher/principal with students, or even simply our time on earth, is so fleeting.  Let us all consider this, and remember the message that we are closing our school year with: Jesus says “Go! Go into all the world and share the gospel!” That was a paraphrase from Matthew 28:19, and a good reminder that we are on a co-mission together with Jesus and our fellow believers.  

In Christ,

Mr. Horning

AuthorBen Griggs