Christian Life Academy (CLA) is a true blessing, not just to our 13 year old who attended, but to our whole family.  Our youngest son Sean was lost in the crowd at a larger school.   He needed to be pushed to excel and his teacher was too busy to notice.  Some good friends of ours had sent their son to CLA at the beginning of the inaugural school year.  They raved about the one on one attention and the advanced classes that he was exposed to.  We met with Josh Horning, the principal, and that Friday my wife, Etta, was at Sean's school cleaning out his desk.  We knew that CLA was the right choice academically.  Little did we know that his exposure to a Bible-based curriculum would change all of our lives!  I will admit I was ashamed that I did not know most of what he was questioning us about.   He actually suggested that we attend church.   I hadn't been to church since I was a kid.  Our family started to go to church, and a year and a half after enrolling Sean in CLA my wife and I accepted Jesus Christ as our savior and were baptized.   We are now very active in our church.  God has blessed our family with the ministry of Christian Life Academy.  Christian Life Academy is one of God's powerful tools to change lives.


Brian & Etta

Former Parents of a CLA student