Sometimes the impact of a school can’t be quantified by test scores. See what some of the CLA students and families have to say about their child’s education.

We have always supported Christian Life Academy (CLA) from the first day it opened five years ago. But we have an even greater appreciation for it now since our son, Landin, is in kindergarten this year. We thank God every night that we made the decision to send him to this school. His reading fluency has been enhanced and he is learning a lot about the Bible. Every day he comes home and shares stories about what he has learned. I wish we would have sent our daughter to sixth grade there the year that the school started! We highly recommend CLA to everyone!
— Brad and Lisa Ragland, parents
Christian Life Academy (CLA) is a true blessing, not just to our 13 year old who attended, but to our whole family. Our youngest son Sean was lost in the crowd at a larger school. He needed to be pushed to excel and his teacher was too busy to notice. Some good friends of ours had sent their son to CLA at the beginning of the inaugural school year. They raved about the one on one attention and the advanced classes that he was exposed to. We met with Josh Horning, the principal, and that Friday my wife, Etta, was at Sean’s school cleaning out his desk. We knew that CLA was the right choice academically. Little did we know that his exposure to a Bible-based curriculum would change all of our lives! I will admit I was ashamed that I did not know most of what he was questioning us about. He actually suggested that we attend church. I hadn’t been to church since I was a kid. Our family started to go to church, and a year and a half after enrolling Sean in CLA my wife and I accepted Jesus Christ as our savior and were baptized. We are now very active in our church. God has blessed our family with the ministry of Christian Life Academy. Christian Life Academy is one of God’s powerful tools to change lives.
— Brian and Etta, former CLA parents

As I was subbing in the CLA office one day, a little boy looked up at the tee shirts hanging in the window and said, “So that’s what CLA stands for: Christian Life Academy! What does that mean?” As I attempted to explain, I realized that that is exactly what CLA is to us-—to our youngest son—and to our 3 grandchildren who attend.

CLA (Christian Life Academy) is a Kingdom school, tucked away in a little known country town—-like a treasure hidden in a field— where young followers of Jesus study and learn. Not only does CLA offer excellent academics, extra-curricular activities, and Bible teaching, in essence, it is a school that teaches the Christian life. All aspects of the school day are permeated with Christian perspective, values, disciplines, attitudes, and actions-—it is a place where Truth is taught, modeled, encouraged-—and lived out.

As parents of 18 children, having both homeschooled and public schooled, we have observed that the middle school years can be among the most challenging for young adolescents; not only to be able to stand firm in their faith, but also to learn and grow in an environment free from unnecessary worldly distractions and pressures that can be especially harmful during that critical and vulnerable season. So as our youngest son approached his middle school years, we desired to place him in a position where he could be strengthened and not weakened—a place where he could continue to build on the foundation that had been begun in his life, and not have it be weakened or torn down before he was able to stand. We wanted him to be in a place where he could learn and grow—-and thrive-—in godly character as well as academics; a place that would help prepare him to go out, to stand strong, and to be a light in this world.

The test results? Both students and school are passing! The evidence? Our son and grandchildren are increasing in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man.

And the best part? They actually love school!

We are so thankful for this little tucked away jewel called CLA, for it provides a wonderful opportunity for our son and grandchildren to learn and grow and thrive—-academically and spiritually—for it is truly a Christian Life Academy.
— Steve and Mo Thompson, parents and grandparents

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