Lion Tales 9/26/19-Change Wars!


Today, Sept 26 Volleyball Practice 3:30-5:00

Saturday, Sept 28 Board of Directors’ Meeting, 7:30 am

Thursday, Oct 3 Volleyball Practice 3:30-5:00

Friday, Oct 4 HOME Volleyball Game, 6:00 pm

Fri-Mon, Oct 11-14 No School, Columbus Day weekend

Mark your calendars now…. 

Life Days 2019 will be held Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2.  We ask ALL CLA families to participate in our Largest Event each year!!!

----------------------   Packets are coming home tomorrow   ---------------

Coming Soon! Pocket Change War - PTF fundraiser

PTF will be sponsoring a coin collection fundraiser.  So start finding all that loose change around the house... the challenge will start Sept 30. For more information, click here!

Share a favorite recipe! CLA Cookbook Update coming

CLA published a cookbook in 2010 (wow, nearly a decade ago). An update of this CLA Cookbook is coming! If you were not here when the cookbooks were published, and would like to submit a recipe or two, please email them to Mrs. Hasty - before October 1st.  Questions, check with Mrs. Hasty!

Text or Phone call? Good Question!

To get a quick message to the school, many times a text message to a staff person seems the easiest.  A phone call to the school office, on the other hand, makes sure the message goes directly to the person that needs to know that information.  When it comes to “should I text or call?” we encourage a call to the school office. The staff person to whom a text is sent may not be in a good position to get the message where it needs to go.  Our volunteers in the school office can get the message where it needs to go.

**For messages that need to get to the school regarding late arrival, appointments, pickup, after school care, etc., we do request that you call the school office.  Please call 309-449-3346 for the school office! Our volunteer secretary is ready to receive your call.


Specifically for Christian Life Academy families, we have a closed facebook group called “Christian Life Academy Lions’ Den.” We encourage all of our parents who have a facebook profile to join! This is where we will be posting the weekly Lion Tales as well as information that is helpful for our school family. You can search for the group or go to the following web address:

From the Principal's Desk

We value the opportunities we have to work side-by-side with families, raising up the next generation to serve the Lord.  I encourage you to read Psalm 112:1-2. Great reminder there!  

In Christ,

Mr. Horning